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Hi! I'm Michelle, I'm a high school textiles teacher and dressmaker living on Bundjalung Country, NSW. I am super passionate about sewing, sustainability and teaching.

Why learn to sew? 

Not only is learning to make and mend your own clothing and textiles creative, ethical, sustainable, and fun, it can significantly reduce your environmental impact.

Fast fashion is destroying the planet.

Fast fashion is made rapidly and sold for cheap, at the cost of the environment and people who made it. This system encourages people to buy 'trendy' clothes and toss the old. Fast fashion is low quality, not made to last and has no resale value. Most of the time it ends up in landfill (not at Vinnies). To top it off, most fast fashion is made from synthetic fibres like polyester (a type of plastic) which is made from fossil fuels and does not break down.

Australians are the second-highest consumers of textiles per person in the worldTHE WORLD. The average person buys 27kg of new clothing and throws away 23kg of clothing to landfill every year.


So what are you waiting for? 

Make and mend! Check out the current classes available here.


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